Shopping with RCCARs? How is this achieved? CloudRC will explain everything!

Shopping with RCCARs? How is this achieved? CloudRC will explain everything!

Have you seen many fun videos of people driving RCCARS for shopping?

Do you still not believe that RCCARs can actually do something useful!

If you still don't know how this is achieved or you also want to modify your own RCCAR for unlimited remote control range and low latency real-time video, then I suggest you read on carefully.

To achieve long distance control and beyond visual line of sight low latency real-time video, some custom products are needed instead of traditional 2.4G radio control and video transmission (although sometimes relying on very high radio power and antenna installed at a higher position can also work, but that may not be the optimal solution).

After extensive research, development, testing and optimization, CloudRC released AdvenX3, a revolutionary product! CloudRC AdvenX3 innovatively incorporates 4G cellular communication into the product, integrates camera, intercom, GPS positioning, power monitoring and other functions, and provides 8 channels of PWM receiver. This allows any RCCAR player to easily modify their RCCAR for first-person view control without distance limit!

Truly unlimited remote control, because 4G signals are currently widely covered around the world. Of course, if there is no 4G signal in some areas, control may not be possible. But for our usual local adventures and shopping, it's already sufficient.

Moreover, the CloudRC AdvenX3 4G version currently supports 4G networks globally, and 5G version can be chosen for players who have higher requirements for video clarity and lower latency.

By installing the CloudRC AdvenX3 unlimited range 4g fpv system, you can drive your RCCAR using the APP or remote controller, gamepad (ps4/5, xbox), steering wheel to start a shopping trip!

If you still don't know how, you can take some time to read some articles and watch videos on I believe you will soon find out that this is so easy!

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