The CloudRC team currently has dozens of members, with complete product R&D, manufacturing, and sales teams. CloudRC is headquartered in China and is currently promoting product and project cooperation globally, including in the United States, Europe, and other regions.

CloudRC creatively applies 4G cellular network communication technology to RCCARs. Through extensive hardware and software optimization, they have reduced the latency of beyond visual line-of-sight control and first-person view real-time video to very low levels. This brings new excitement and joy to RCCAR players - the thrilling experience of unrestricted first-person driving regardless of distance.

By leveraging 4G networks, CloudRC has overcome the limitations of traditional radio controllers for RCCARs. Their innovative application of mobile communication technology enables remote control and live streaming video feedback from practically unlimited distances.

Drivers can see real-time first-person video from the RCCAR and control it smoothly as if they were right there driving it. The low latency provides an immersive experience. This opens up new possibilities for RC play - enabling racing friends miles apart or guiding children's RCCARs from work.

CloudRC's creative use of modern mobile networks helps realize the full potential of RCCARs. Their optimization unlocks the freedom of open-world first-person RC driving, which is tremendously exciting for RC enthusiasts. CloudRC is transforming the RC experience.

CloudRC has strong research, development and production capabilities. The R&D team has rich experience in areas like electronic engineering, software development, and industrial design. The manufacturing team oversees in-house production with quality control.

The sales team has established partnerships with distributors worldwide to make CloudRC products available internationally. They also manage cooperation with RC manufacturers to explore OEM opportunities.

With its excellent team and capabilities, CloudRC is positioned to bring its innovative remote control solution to RC enthusiasts around the world. The company welcomes partnership opportunities that align with its mission of making RC play a global experience.