• Unlimited range control

    Give your RCCAR direct access to the worldwide web through a 4G/5G/WiFi network. Global remote control and first-person view are no longer just a fantasy.

  • Multiple control modes

    With CloudRC controller, your RC car can support a variety of control modes, from mobile apps, traditional RC transmitter, to racing simulator steering wheels.

  • Easy to DIY

    Good compatibility and supports most RC vehicle refits. The receiver has 8-channel PWM output and Serialx2, which can achieve more functions you like.

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  • RCDriftTok

    If you like RC CAR Drift, you must have seen RCDriftTok videos, he has millions of followers.

    Here's a video of him testing our CLoudRC AdvenX3

    Testing an unlimited range FPV RC car kit! 
  • joogsiethequaker

    This is one of our customers in Australia who has a really big yard and is perfect for an adventure using CloudRC Unlimited 4G FPV AdvenX3

    CloudRC + Traxxas TRX-4 FPV test run 
  • CloudRC Official

    CloudRC Rc Car team on a daily basis, they all installed the CloudRC AdvenX3, and then we would meet irregularly, cross-country together, although our drivers were separated by thousands of kilometers

    CloudRC Rc Car Team Off-roading 
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